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It took me all day to find some inspiration. Some people believe in GOD, some don’t. I respect anyone that has a strong opinion about something. But coming from me if you don’t believe in a GOD, like any GOD, you better be right when you die. I’m a strong believer in the Christian faith. I don’t go over ballistic like having different branches of a religion and focusing it on other people but I do get offended when you try to prove to me that what I believe in, isn’t real. I have done enough and been through enough to have my own belief so don’t try to disapprove of it.

This goes back to a question that was made to me by a gay person saying “why would a GOD make someone who will get discriminated against for something that is natural?” If that was the case, why the hell am I black? Don’t sit and ramble on about MY GOD. Don’t say that MY GOD actually made a mistake. Gay rights is something that I won’t pick a side for, that’s what politics are for.

I am one that believes you are not born gay. Regardless of how we were put on this earth we naturally multiply to keep our species alive, what happens when all males what just males? Who has the children? The choice isn’t entirely yours because of the environment that you were brought up in has a huge effect but nonetheless it is a choice. But I am also one that believes that if that’s what you want, then that’s what you’ll get. Honestly I couldn’t care less about if someone is gay or not.

If you are gay or just are pro-gay I recommend sites like

Or if you just wanted facts about the debate for gay rights

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I was watching tv the other day and a commercial about eHarmony come on. It was a girl running away from a party into a room and a guy chasing her, they charge into the room with lustful faces and begin to exchange in the swopping of saliva or kissing. The party follows and bust up the door to say “Happy 10th anniversary!” and starts the drinking. Then some old guy starts talking about how great the site is and uses random statsitics on why it works, blah blah blah. Anyway it got me thinking of how different our generation is from the last. Sites like have actually become useful nowadays. Its created sites for culture, even religion, Its like as the world gets smaller and its easier to talk to people, “flirting” becomes easier. Which then becomes a normal thing and as people become immune to it the start calling it embarrassing names like “thirsty” but that’s another post. What I’m saying is, over the computer dating is real people. Online hook ups, are real. Just take everything the last generation did in person and just put it over a computer and there it is. They call us the informational age, an age where the use of technology has created many doors to be open for unknown wonders. I wish I could have been in a age that was the same in two generations. Then I would have been able to actually use my elders experiences but since they didn’t have cell phones back then, its hard to think that they know what they are talking about. It could be me just being young or that people have been the same for millenniums and that they have a pretty good idea as to why someone is being an asshole….I’m getting off track. Anyhow like I said online hook ups are real man.

Word Count: 320


“What’s going on!?” says Livia as she breaths heavily. The other guy Romeo, was the first one up and yet I seem to be the only one trying to look for answers instead of asking questions that, maybe just in my eyes seem to be idiotic. My name is Aiden, we woke up in an abandon building with nothing really in it. A couple of wooden chairs and old glass tables. Most of the stuff is trashed anyway so I can’t tell what’s what. The only other thing that’s worth mentioning is three dead cows that seem to have been slaughtered maybe a day ago. Flies and magnets have already made it their feeding place. The blood is scattered on the chairs, most of it is all on the floor. We decide to not go in that room. The only possessions we have it seems is our I.D and phones. “Hey do you guys know what’s going on?” Livia says. “No but I can bet whoever did this is going to have a serious problem.” Obviously he hasn’t looked out the huge freaking window in front of him. “We’re in Chernobyl,” I explained. “I don’t know how we got here but we aren’t the only ones.” Obviously by the looks on their dumbfounded faces they’re more confused than actual scared. “It’s an unlivable city in Ukraine. Which is why I can’t fathom how we got here.” Going outside isn’t an option considering everyone out there seems to be established on the ground and pretty much dead. Livia screams “We have to get out of here like now!” I wanted to explain in depth on how irrelevant her statement was. Just to teach her a thing or two because being in the room with her for however long it has been, seems like hours, I’ve notice she’s just a stupid twenty-two year old that envies every Twitter or Instagram profile that has over a million followers, typical. Only in the 21st century will you find a person looking at a social network on their phone instead of figuring out more important things. Romeo over here has surprisingly tried to put in a few words for himself to Livia. Normal twenty-three year old surfer dude that loves women and think waves are totally awesome. There’s a long pillar in the middle of the three buildings including ours. Must be recently made because it had a fine screen at the top. Three different ones pointing at each building. The screens turned on with a background of the American flag without any stars. A man appeared with a traditional Noh Japanese mask, Kyogen Ko-tengen red, to be exact. He spoke with a deep but rather speedy voice “Voila! In view a humble vaudevillian veteran, cast vicariously as both victim and villain by the vicissitudes of fate. This visage, no mere veneer of vanity, is a vestige of the vox populi now vacant, vanished.” This guy is nuts. “As of now knowingly is nine o’clock, I shall be nothing short of noble and naturally give you nine hours to notify any names and non-gods you think can save you. Outside is a nuclear nuisance.” Then he laughs “good luck.” The screen goes off.