Durant and Curry shine


Warriors versus Cavaliers NBA FinalsGAINESVILLE, FL — Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant combined for 66 points as the Golden State Warriors bury the the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Game 1 of the NBA finals was June 1 and started off as the game of the year, in the first quarter the lead was taken and given. Both teams, who record was a combined 24-1 coming into the final, looked like they were the team to win it all, trading buckets and looking like equals. However, as Oracle Arena began to get louder things started changing through the game as the Warriors, with Kevin Durant began to pull away.

With 20 turnovers,  sloppy defense and Durant seemingly looking unstoppable is what killed the Cavaliers and Lebron James so a big part of that, turning the ball over 8 times while the entire Warriors turned it over only 4 times.

The Warriors had 31 assist, moving the ball around and seem to have no problem with the Cavaliers’ defense. Cleveland stayed close after the first quarter, only down by 10 with 2:45 remaining in the second. But after halftime, it was assured to every NBA fan that the warriors would win the game.

The super team that includes Curry, Durant, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green has proven to be a formidable team and even if Thompson and Green only combined for 15 points the Warriors were still able to pull away easily against the defending champions.  


Points for next game:


  • Will turnovers become the downfall for the Cavs? Turning the ball over against the Warriors is a sure fire way to lose a game as we have seen all season the Cavs have to take care of the basketball.
  • Will Kevin Love or Kyrie Irving have a big game? Lebron will get his numbers and has proven that he is one of the greatest but he can’t win by himself. Irving ended with 24 points but only had 2 assist. Love had 15 points but shot the ball at 30%. In order for the Cavs to win at least one game, Love or Irving has to have a big game.  
  • Will Durant and Curry stay hot? We’ve seen it, draining threes, looking away before the ball even hits the net. Durant and Curry are amazing shooter and to keep their winning streak intact for the playoffs they have to keep making shots.


  • Will Klay Thompson find his stroke? He hasn’t been himself the entire playoffs and going 3 of 16 from the floor isn’t good.

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