Warriors v Cavs Game 1



Game 1 Preview

Best in the west take on the beast in the east. This will be the third time the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Golden State Warriors meet up to duel it out on the NBA Finals stage.

Rematches of super teams have always been great in sports because of the entertainment fans get out of the competitiveness of great teams and the will to defeat other great teams. Fans love rivals, if not for the excitement of beating someone multiple times, then it’s because they need to know just how great their team is.  

This is the series everyone has been waiting on since the end of the playoffs last year. The first matchup ended with the Warriors on top, beating a newly Cavaliers team who were setback by injuries. The Warriors, seemingly rolling on the adrenaline of the 2015 championship, made history by being the winningest team in a season in history going 73-9 in the regular season. However, the second matchup ended up with the Cavaliers making history by coming back for a 3-1 game deficit to beat the Warriors and win the 2016 championship.

Many can only imagine what will happen this time around with the Cavaliers adding depth to their team, Kyrie Irving getting closer to his prime, Kevin Love looking more comfortable and the Warriors still using the three pointer to perfecting and adding a future Hall of Famer in Kevin Durant.



  • Will Lebron James and Kevin Durant guard each other? This is the matchup that can be describe as “too late.” Just like Mayweather v. Pacquiao, many people wanted to see a great match between the two small forwards but is it too late? The only time they matched up in the Finals was when James was with Miami and Durant with the Oklahoma City, where James went on to win his first ring. James is considered the best in the league and Durant was considered “A1” will this matchup make a difference?


  • Will Kyrie Irving get the best of Stephen Curry? Curry in both of his final appearances haven’t been the Curry fans seen in the regular season. It worked out for the Warriors in 2015 where although he limited Curry to make difficult shots, Matthew Dellavedova is a limited player. In 2016 however, Curry had a difficult matchup in Kyrie Irving, will that happen again or will the coaching staff put another body on Irving? Thompson maybe?



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