Keith Laury

Born in Montclair, New Jersey and, Keith Laury was raised by a single mother and had one little sister. After finishing the 5th grade, his mother, his sister and himself moved to Jacksonville, Florida for a better life. Laury attended Jefferson Davis Middle School. After middle school Laury attend Frank H Peterson for high school enrolling in the culinary program. This is where he found his love of cooking. Although he loved it, he had a teacher that he didn’t like, who he calls “the worst teacher ever.” Chief Perkins was the culinary teacher at Frank H Peterson for 25 years and the relationship between the two was never a good one. There were times when they both had to set up a meeting with the principal just to talk about their issues.

Even so, Laury also had a bad heart break in highschool that changed his life forever. When he was in the 11th grade, Laury started dating a girl name Linda Mai. Laury seemingly fell in love with her the moment he seen her and their relationship started off great. However, it turned sour when one of Laury’s friend begin flirting with Mai. They began to have arguments everyday and even classmates started to notice. After awhile, they split and she began dating the friend that was flirting with her with dating Laury. It destroyed him so much that Laury dropped out of highschool because he couldn’t look at them everyday and think about how betrayed he felt. After dropping out at age 16, many teachers and friends urging him to stay, Laury felt the need to move to a different stated and ended up in Atlanta, Georgia. After spending two months there, he moved to Baltimore, Maryland. There he obtained his GED and also started community college. Before obtaining his A.A, Laury transferred to the University of Baltimore and earned his Bachelor’s in Political Science and has now entered grad school for Accounting.

Laury says that after the heartbreak he had, he felt like a broken man. “Even at that age to have someone literally smile in your face and stab you in the back, it took a tremendous toll on me. But after the healing I wanted to turn it into something positive so I went back to school and my motivation was to never feel like that again.”



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