It took me all day to find some inspiration. Some people believe in GOD, some don’t. I respect anyone that has a strong opinion about something. But coming from me if you don’t believe in a GOD, like any GOD, you better be right when you die. I’m a strong believer in the Christian faith. I don’t go over ballistic like having different branches of a religion and focusing it on other people but I do get offended when you try to prove to me that what I believe in, isn’t real. I have done enough and been through enough to have my own belief so don’t try to disapprove of it.

This goes back to a question that was made to me by a gay person saying “why would a GOD make someone who will get discriminated against for something that is natural?” If that was the case, why the hell am I black? Don’t sit and ramble on about MY GOD. Don’t say that MY GOD actually made a mistake. Gay rights is something that I won’t pick a side for, that’s what politics are for.

I am one that believes you are not born gay. Regardless of how we were put on this earth we naturally multiply to keep our species alive, what happens when all males what just males? Who has the children? The choice isn’t entirely yours because of the environment that you were brought up in has a huge effect but nonetheless it is a choice. But I am also one that believes that if that’s what you want, then that’s what you’ll get. Honestly I couldn’t care less about if someone is gay or not.

If you are gay or just are pro-gay I recommend sites like

Or if you just wanted facts about the debate for gay rights

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