I was watching tv the other day and a commercial about eHarmony come on. It was a girl running away from a party into a room and a guy chasing her, they charge into the room with lustful faces and begin to exchange in the swopping of saliva or kissing. The party follows and bust up the door to say “Happy 10th anniversary!” and starts the drinking. Then some old guy starts talking about how great the site is and uses random statsitics on why it works, blah blah blah. Anyway it got me thinking of how different our generation is from the last. Sites like have actually become useful nowadays. Its created sites for culture, even religion, Its like as the world gets smaller and its easier to talk to people, “flirting” becomes easier. Which then becomes a normal thing and as people become immune to it the start calling it embarrassing names like “thirsty” but that’s another post. What I’m saying is, over the computer dating is real people. Online hook ups, are real. Just take everything the last generation did in person and just put it over a computer and there it is. They call us the informational age, an age where the use of technology has created many doors to be open for unknown wonders. I wish I could have been in a age that was the same in two generations. Then I would have been able to actually use my elders experiences but since they didn’t have cell phones back then, its hard to think that they know what they are talking about. It could be me just being young or that people have been the same for millenniums and that they have a pretty good idea as to why someone is being an asshole….I’m getting off track. Anyhow like I said online hook ups are real man.

Word Count: 320


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