Memes have become so popular nowadays. So wide spread that it can go from politics,Image

to something as simple as the one thing every young adult absolutely, positively, without a doubt NEEDImage Its seems my peers came up with a way to make jokes that everyone can relate to. Now many “older” people would say “Big deal, who cares? It’s only a picture with words on it.” But see they don’t understand the realness that we feel when we see a picture like this funny-meme-4  Besides, are the greater things in life, simple? Or something like that. Either way, I like it. We have short attention spans, if its going to be funny it has to be quick and relevant. That’s why is so popular, a quick way to laugh off a test you just failed, in 6 seconds as you walk to your next class to take another test?Funny-memes There is a meme for everything, I mean some things just amaze me. I came to realize its really too simple to the point its so creative. ??????????????????????????????? Some people like to make them cute, like bunny cute.tumblr_n1iphy0gDW1s0lobio1_500 Either way, the creative part is that the viewer has to have a sense of humor, imagination and is gifted in the language of sarcasm or it defeats the purpose of the meme.tumblr_n1hm24kT591tq9o99o1_500 So this, I think is where the line between old and young becomes apparent. Most things in this generation is about the present, you get your ten minutes then on to the next big thing. Its harder for the older generation to catch a joke that is only funny for a day or two. No one cared about Miley Cyrus’ “Wreaking ball”  video a week after it was put out. It was a dead subject, the only reason the generation before us learned about it was through the media. Its so bad I actually seen the video before it was put on the internet, and if I can do that, I can promise you that the stories media put out on T.V is already known. Anyways, memes are fun. untitled


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