Social Networks

So I stumbled upon this….I guess you can say social network called, well “stumbled upon.” Its a site that actually gives you articles to read from different websites. Only the categories you like such as sports, philosophy, psychology and a lot more. Its a really good site when you’re on the internet and really don’t have anything to do. See that’s the thing with social media, its so easy to not be bored with it. Granted the tolerance level of the social media can vary from person to person but being able to talk and share ideas with people from around the world from your own home is astonishing. Even taciturn people are about to communicate through the screen rather than speech. It also helps with the insecurities people have for actually talking to a person. But that can have its consequences because the issue isn’t being resolved. In order to not be shy you actually have to talk to someone in person. Social networks have their downfalls but I wonder how long will it last. Jobs are being created because of it (marketing, advertisements and what not) but will it last? Or will it die out just like its own products (MySpace, Facebook, Path.) The newer sites like and Instagram seem to have maxed out its ideas and ability to stun their users, but being the latest trend it occupies the time of its potential and routinely users. The transition to mobile devices went smoothly to no ones surprise. Sooner or later I believe all social networks will be on a mobile device. The world has gone so mobile in a sense that every person was the world in their hand.

Even though it does make the world smaller, I’ve never been one to like technology. I just don’t trust it.


3 thoughts on “Social Networks

  1. andytile

    I am amazed how into the social media you are and the knowledge you acquired from it. Your conspiracy views on mobile devices are great and maybe you might be correct that we could transition into a society where social networking will be on mobile devices.
    – Andy Le

  2. mikeergle

    I know what you mean about not trusting social media. I read an article ones that said once you log into the app of these sights they automatically have access to everything in your phone.. talk about a lack of privacy.


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