All me

I was never one to think about the past, as I’m one that believes time isn’t real. I have little passion for almost anything, but the things that are passionate to me, I’ll die over. One of those passions are basketball. People have told me I’m the only person that doesn’t know he’s the shortest guy on the court. I am one of the most competitive person you’ll ever meet, I mean that, like really, I’m serious. I was accepted into University of Florida with little effort into education. I was even less motivated to obtain the necessary volunteer hours that came along with the Bright Futures scholarship which enabled me to pay for tuition.  Only reason I’m at Santa Fe is because someone told me I would make it anyway, and like I said, I’m a very competitive person.

The Miami Heat are my favorite basketball team. I’ve been one since birth and I’ve been through the ups and downs of the team. From drafting Dwyane Wade, to winning the championship in 2006 and having the worst season in Heat history the next year. The NBA is where I watch most basketball, but I also watch college and high school as well. Just the game itself is what I love. Its a humble experience for me to play because half the time it is all I ever think about.

Speaking of thinking, I am also a very deep minded person. Philosophy is a minor of mines and it couldn’t fit me any better than it already does. Thinking about the world and how it functions is also a passion of mines and its lead me to think that I may stay in school just for Philosophy. This rant is only long because I have to have at least 300 words. So this is my last sentence and thank you for reading. Where I get all my Basketball information from.


Word count:323


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